Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Poems: A Heart's Resolve, Time Hold Still, First Impressions


A Heart’s Resolve...
(Based on Edward’s decision to join Bella,
with fate deciding his resting place, upon learning
of Bella’s death while in Italy)

Falling off the edge
To where I’ve never been
Feeling though I’ve never felt
Moving with the wind
Intrepidly taking steps
Slower to reach my end
To where the sun sets in
Where I’ll be free (of me)
Free to be where my heart now rests
In deep blue skies
If heaven’s gate takes kind to me

Thinking back to taste
Sweet memories
Of you
No longer roaming
Without a heart to call my home
Now free to be with you, free to be near you
The one thing keeping me true
No longer here to quench my thirst
Only Sweet memories
Of you


Time Hold Still...
(Based on Bella’s decision
to join Edward for eternity)

Time hold still
For me
If only for this moment
As my soul surrenders
To my heart’s resolve

When what lies inside
Is worn on my sleeve
So delicately balancing
On the edge of forever
While dark skies are beckoning
And the prospect of night
Shines brighter than the sun

With Heaven’s rains now caressing us
So clearly painting scenes
From my watercolor memory
Of what has been
And of what will be
To be loved
As no one soul has known
When hope allows destiny
To give life to love
And sets it free...
Sweet kiss deliver me
To you


First impressions...

Smiling eyes
Swiftly sensing how
With each seductive glance
They are devouring my soul
Every bit of all that I am
All I know myself to be
Walls made dense through time
Are now brought down
So effortlessly
Damning all uncertainties
Swallowing prejudices whole
A new world built for them to see

Confident eyes
Teasing with a conscious stare
Fracturing my crystalline facade
Erecting a bridge to
That Mona Lisa smile and those irrational lips
As I stand naked in his cloudless sky
His look embracing me steadily
Slow to breath
Slow to speak
Without words to mark this moment
Without sensibility

Earnest eyes
Pleading with mine to leave
Yet eagerly grasping
For a natural response from mine
Relentlessly pursuing
My every raw unflinching move
For some undeniable pleasure of certainty
My sole objective
To deny the satisfaction they seek
Is lost in the midst of his obsession
Lucidity now fleeting
Myself and all I know myself to be
Grows painfully distant
Timidly I surrender to these
Faultless eyes
Ever more consenting to their flawed view of me

Alejandra S. ( Miami , FL )

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