Thursday, January 15, 2009




Ed, your lazy languid gaze
Cuts like a knife into the haze
Of life, it holds me and it stays
Within my head, like you, for days

You’re piercing teeth and eyes akin,
Inviting me, they beckon in
To depths unknown waiting within,
To wanton death and wanton sin

I’d let you drag me to your lair
And tie me to a swivel chair
Or choke me softly with your hair
And make me your Porphyria

I’d let you push me, make me frown
Your force of will now made unbound
It parts my being, lays me down
Like tears of hurt upon the ground

I’d let you look inside and see,
Written on the core of me
The catalogued debauchery
Implied in stanzas four and three

Your bloodless eyes can take me higher,
I worship at your steeple of fire
You're the reason I insipire-
Your twilight, my light, my vampire.

Felicity H. (London, England)

1 comment:

amoure said...

Love your style. Would like to read more of your poems. Appreciate how you meld passion - sweet,romantic, bold and honest. -A.S.